New Metal Roofs Add Character and Appeal to Old Homes

Add style to your home with steel roofing sheets

There are many things a homeowner can do to change their curb appeal. A once boring garden can look wonderful with a few plants and a gorgeous fountain. As well, a once flat and plain roof can easily be replaced with a new roof that can add character and appeal to an old home. There are many choices available for homeowners and business owners alike when it comes to new roofs.

One of the most popular choices for new roofs is metal sheeting from Many people think that you are limited when it comes to metal sheeting; however, there are several types of metal roofs available on the market. For instance, steel and aluminum are available in many colors. As well, they are very durable choices for new roofs. The roof lifetime for both these type of metal roofs are between thirty and fifty years. Metal roofing is usually priced by the running foot and sold in three foot wide pieces. Prices vary from manufacturer and location, but you can expect to pay around £3 to £8 a square foot. Metal roofing comes in varying grades and colors; all of this determines the price you will pay.

Steel Roofing Sheet Diagram

A new trend in metal roofing has hit the construction arena, stamped metal. Stamped metal is a growing fad that many homeowners’ are choosing for their new roofs. Available in tiles that resemble shingles, slate, tile and even wood shakes; although, these are currently very costly, in the future, most likely the price will drop. Today’s metal roofing compared to the metal roofs found on old farm houses in the south are much more durable and hold their new-like appearance. Special coatings are applied to keep the metal from fading and oxidizing over time due to sun exposure and rain. As well, in the past, metal roofing was known to dent and scratch very easily; today’s new roofs that have metal sheeting can enjoy the benefits of technological advances that prevent this from occurring.

Another more expensive type of metal roofing is copper sheeting. Although, copper is very expensive, it is very durable and therefore a new roof of copper will last a homeowner up to 100 years, over a lifetime. Copper is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye and most homeowners that use copper pay a high price for this look on their new roof. In fact, with the rising costs of metals in the United Kingdom, a new roof of copper sheeting can run you around £10 per square foot.

New roofs that are sheeted with metal are a great form of energy savings, as well. Many manufacturers even offer special radiant coatings to improve them even more. A new roof that has been replaced with cool metal roofing products can save a homeowner up to 40% in summer cooling utility costs. Because of the reflective qualities, coupled with the pigments and coatings used in metal roofing; the homeowner will enjoy reduced costs in energy bills throughout the year and for the lifetime of the new roof.

For those of you that prefer a green stand; environmentalists’ suggest going with a metal roof made of recycled materials. Standing seam metal sheeting is basically recycled metal. It’s easy to install because it can be placed directly over asphalt shingles. As well, it’s maintenance free and is very durable.

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