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Informations about Pagerank4free.com

Pagerank4free.com is a costfree services that enables you to show the pagerank™
of your website without the use of the Google™ Toolbar directly on your site.
You have nothing else to do but to integrate the code you will get from us via email
on the desired spot into your website.
Where you integrated the code there will appear a graphic and your pagehits will be counted.
You will be ranked in the charts and you will get new users for your project.

Please enter your domain and your emailaddress into the form.
You will instantly get an email with the activationlink.

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What do i get by using the pagerank service ?

By using the pagerank service and by being part of our webring your site will systematically be linked to other sites from our network and thus get a higher pagerank. The pagerank is synonymic for the number of people who know you and your service in the internet. If your pagerank is getting higher your website will get a better position in searchengines. Additionally you can register your website at our webring.